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Address: Hampton, NH

Professional Pet Grooming and Breed Style Services

Cuttest Puppy Ever, White Fur
We provide personalized pet grooming services at Hampton Veterinary Hospital for pets in the Seacoast area. Sue Boivin, our top-notch pet groomer, is professionally trained and is passionate about making your pet look their very best.

Pet grooming and styling isn’t just about fashion. Some pets require routine grooming to prevent excessive shedding or matting. Changing seasons also play a role, as fluctuations in temperature and humidity can affect your pet’s hair growth. At Hampton, we want your pet to feel comfortable no matter the weather, and we recommend routine grooming and styling to keep their coat clean and tidy. We always use professional grooming tools and products on all our pet clients.

In addition to pampering your pet with 100% TLC, we check for scratches, skin rashes, infections, and eye/ear problems during each grooming session. If our groomer should notice anything unusual with your pet’s health, she will notify one of our veterinarians so that the issue can be evaluated when needed.

We want your animal companion to look and feel great and to be excited for their next visit to Hampton Veterinary Hospital!

Our routine grooming services will keep your pet feeling fresh and clean:

  • Bathing — shampoo, wash, blow dry
  • Brushing and trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail grinding
  • Breed styling

The following vaccinations are required for grooming services at Hampton:

  • Distemper (DHPP)
  • Rabies
  • Kennel cough/Bordetella
  • Canine influenza (strongly recommended but not required currently)

Please call us to schedule grooming care for your pet or to learn more about specific breed styling techniques.

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